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CNN Star Finally Admits Why Trump Beat Hillary, and He’s Spot On

CNN Star Finally Admits Why Trump Beat Hillary, and He’s Spot On

Anthony Bourdain, host of CNN’s Parts Unknown, is a liberal.

That’s why it’s so odd to see him call out his brothers-in-arms in terms when it comes to political correctness.

At this point, a lot of lefties are fed-up with the PC nonsense and are beginning to recognize they’re not above anyone.

Great sign.

From Western Journalism:

One-dimensional East Coast liberals who neither recognize nor tolerate any perspective but their own triggered the chain reaction of popular anger that landed President-elect Donald trump in the White House, according to celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.

“The utter contempt with which privileged Eastern liberals such as myself discuss red-state, gun-country, working-class America as ridiculous and morons and rubes is largely responsible for the up swell of rage and contempt and desire to pull down the temple that we’re seeing now,” Bourdain told Reason.

Bourdain, who hosts CNN’s Parts Unknown, said there are many similarities between East Coast and heartland dwellers.

“There are a hell of a lot of nice people out there, who are doing what everyone else in this world is trying to do: the best they can to get by, and take care of themselves and the people they love,” he said.

In an Eater interview in December, Bourdain made similar remarks.

“I think to mock constantly, as so much of the left has done — to demonize, to ridicule, to treat with abject contempt people who live in a very different America than they live in — is both ugly and counterproductive,” he said.

Part of the reason why Trump won was due to liberal elitism and middle America feeling like they’ve been condescended to for the past eight years.

It was probably a major factor, actually – along with illegal immigration, school choice, and the economy.

Liberals may have the popular vote locked up for years to come, but if they continue to parade overbearing celebrities at political rallies and stick to the same tactics they will continue to lose the Electoral College.

So, keep doing your thing, libs.

Now that a Republican is back in the White House, though, you won’t get away with the nastiness so easily.




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